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What I want I do this summer! 🌞

Hey Amigos!

Here is a list of ten things I really want to do this summer

  1. Have a massive sleepover with some friends 
  2. Go to Brighton for the day and go on the pier
  3. Make and bake lots of things and hopefully write some posts about them
  4. Swim!
  5. See family
  6. Go running/trampolining
  7. Redo my bedroom
  8. Get out and go places
  9. Be silly
  10. Catch Pokémon!

At the the end of the holidays I want to go back and see whether I did all of these!

Em 😄

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Hey Amigos!

I can’t belive we have hit 40 followers! We are so close to half a hundred followers, That is insane!

Love you guys and thank you for your support!

Em 😄

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Brighton Shopping 💷

Hey Amigos!

My friends had a party where they went to Brighton and went shopping so here is what I bought!

  • Pea beanie cushion – Tiger
  • Ice lolly ring binder – Chocolate
  • Thornton’s Smileys – Thornton’s
  • Dinner mints – Thornton’s

We also went to many clothes shops and I had a look round, I didn’t buy anything as my mum buys my clothes! 🙂

We also looked at build a bear (because we’re 5) and I lived it because there was star wars stuff. I really wanted a build a bear because let’s be honest the stuff in there is so cute.

To end the day we went to the pier and fish and chips! As Brighton pier has some great rides for a pier we went on them too. We couldn’t go on all of them as it would have been to expensive for all of us. The ones we did go on were crazy mouse, Turbo and Air Show ( I think that is what it is called. It’s basically where you are sat on an ‘aeroplane’ and you spin upside down. I have to say that that was my favourite.

Something that was quite funny was that we were running for our train and all of a sudden a drunk man fell on top of my friend. She luckily manged to doge out of the way but me and my other friend were so close to being taken down and were just brushed by him. He fell on the floor and we ran on the train!

Me and my friends are planning to go to Brighton later on in the summer when we have the holidays so look forward to that! I’ll probably buy more stuff 😂

See ya later

Em 😄

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Pusheen 🐱

Hey Amigos!

Some of you may have heard of the character Pusheen but if not then search it up or read my description.

Pusheen is a grey cat that is extremely cute. You can buy lots of cute merchandise as well which is really cute and you should definitely check out.

What u really love about Pusheen is the fact that there are some may cute things such as plush key rings like Pusheen in a cup or eating some item of food! Search up heychickadee on Google and it will come up! 

Sorry for a late and random post a good one is coming tomorrow!

Em 😄

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Pie Face!!! 🍰

Hey Amigos!

I’m pretty sure if most of you watch YouTube you will know that early this year/late last year there was a craze for this game called Pie Face.

When I first saw it I was like “This I the best game ever!” Then I looked at the price and it was too expensive for me at the time and it didn’t really want it spend all my money on something that I might only use a few times.

However i have wanted the game ever since and only last week came the time I decided to buy it

How it came about.                                         In my Spanish lesson we were allowed to use/ base a Spanish game off of a current board game and I chose… Pie Face. Our idea is really cool (skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to know about our idea) What you have to do is spin the spinner. You can get a 2,3,4,5 each number corresponds to a pack of different thing you have to do e.g. Translation. You answer the question and if your get it right you do not have to turn the pie face. However if you get the answer wrong you have to turn the handles however many times you got on the the spinner. To win you have to have had the most amount of correct answers.

Pie face is a great game and is fun for everyone in the family even if they don’t play. There are many different ways you can use pie face such as if you get the answer wrong to a question or just spinning the the spinner. Overall I definitely recommend their to anyone who is thinking about getting the game!

Em 😄

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Snapchat Filters 👻

Hey Amigos!

Now if you don’t have snapchat it’s probably because you’re not aloud it or your not interested in it. However it is a great app and is not like all the other social networks around today.

Probably one of the best parts of snapchat are are the filters. They are not like your usual filters so here are my favourites

  • The pear
  • Sad face
  • Baby with dummy and hat
  • Voice changing bee

These are just the ones I can can remember so please comment yours below!

Em 😄

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700 Tune in’s!

Hey Amigos!

What a great achievement to have in my first week back of blogging! Thank you to everyone who now or still reads my blog!

700 is a big number and I telly hope one day we can reach 1,000 but my next target is 800 so let’s go!

Thanks Amigos!

Em 😄

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Music Recommendations #3

Hey Amigos!

I’m back today with another music recommendation post!

🎵Send My Love – Adele

🎵River Lea – Adele

🎵This is What You Came For – Calvin Harris

🎵Hymn For the Weekend – Coldplay

🎵Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes

🎵Windmills – The Vamps

Comment below your favourite songs!

Em 😄

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June favourites 🌞

Hey Amigos!

Although we are now well into July I I thought I could still do a June favourites as it was only last month.

🌞Snap chat

🌞Stripy three quarter length sleeve top – H&M

🌞 – game

🌞Gogglesprogs – A TV show in the UK that has Children reacting to things rather than adults.

🌞Adele songs

🌞Intergalactic bath bomb from lush

🌞Black and white patterned running leggings

That’s it for for this month,I’m pretty sure I’ll do one next month for July and give this post a like if you want me to do more!

Em 😄

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What would I take to a desert island? 😰

Hey Amigos!

 I thought it would be fun to write down 5 things that I would take to a desert island excluding people e.g family and friends and other things you need to be able to survive

  1. A micro pig – for extra company
  2. Books – it’s going to get quite boring other wise and there is no electricity.
  3. Games
  4. Cuddly toy
  5. Diary with pen

Comment below you five things or do do a blog post about it yourself make sure to tag me so I can see it!

Em 😄